Get Your Own Paradise with Tiki Bars

Do you want to enjoy your own paradise? Then build a tiki bar in your own backyard. Now-a-days more and more people are opting in having tiki bars (also known as tiki huts) in their own backyards. Tiki bars are great way of serving and hosting your guests with drinks as well as provides an experience of having an exotic little paradise.


You must be thinking to get a tiki bar it is required to have a pool or a beach house but Tiki huts or tiki bars can also look pretty spectacular in a beautiful garden setting, a brick patio or even in the corner of an open deck. This flexibility of tiki bars has made them popping up almost everywhere.

If considering building your own backyard tiki bar then ensure the tiki bar has a thatched roof that will give it a touch of traditional ambiance. A good roof is important for your tiki bar as nobody will like to be roasted in the sun while enjoying a cocktail. Thatched roof goes right with a tiki bar as it gives an authentic look or appearance for it.


For building a thatched roofing naturally occurring plant such as sable palm fronds, oat straw, rye, barley, etc are used as roofing materials. If constructed properly then it will be waterproof to prevent rain, sleet and snow from penetrating it. The roofing materials are woven in a specific pattern and constructed properly to build a durable thatch roof and making it more aesthetically pleasing.


A thatched roof is considered as an essential part of any tiki bar plans because they provide good ventilation as per their nature of construction. This will provide you shade and keep a cooling temperature with necessary ventilation in the summer. You can enjoy a quiet and relaxing atmosphere in tiki bars.


The thatched roofs besides being a durable and waterproof are also considered cost effective as materials used for this roofing can be easily obtained and are relatively cheap. The framework required to support a thatched roof is much cheaper. Any issues with a section of your thatched roof can be easily repaired without having to re-do your entire roof; this makes the maintenance quite easy. For an outdoor tiki bars a thatched roof should be considered seriously as it will give a much better appearance, create right or authentic ambiance for your guests.

You can get a tiki bar having a thatched roof built in the backyard custom designed to your specifications or requirements by with a premier builder in Florida .i.e. Big Kahuna Tiki Huts. Visit our website to get more information about the services.

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